Deciphering disease mechanisms and developing novel preventive and therapeutic strategies

Welcome to the Nephrolab Cologne
Department II of Internal Medicine, University of Cologne, Germany

An ever-increasing proportion of our population is affected by renal disease and hypertension. The causes of these renal pathologies are poorly understood but genetic as well as environmental factors clearly play a role.

Our lab studies the molecular principles underlying kidney disorders ranging from proteinuric kidney diseases and cystic renal disease over age-related pathologies to renal cancer using genetic disorders as a model. We are using methods of cell biology, live imaging, biochemistry, and molecular and systems biology as well as mouse models and the model organisms C. elegans and D. melanogaster to unravel the molecular mechanisms involved in kidney diseases.

The research laboratory is part of the Department II of Internal Medicine (Chairman Prof. Dr. Thomas Benzing) at the University Hospital of Cologne. Affiliated with the CECAD Research Institute and the Center for Molecular Medicine Cologne, the lab is headed by Prof. Dr. Bernhard Schermer.

Nephrologisches Forschungslabor
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