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Dr. med. Franziska Grundmann
+49 221 478-4480

Prof. Dr. med. Volker Burst

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Franziska Grundmann

Toward novel preventive and therapeutic strategies

Clinical Research Center of the Department II of Internal Medicine

Founded in 2010, the Clinical Research Center of the Department II of Internal Medicine provides expertise to successfully plan, initiate and conduct clinical trials. We support researchers to operate the trials in compliance with GCP and international guidelines and standards to facilitate the day-to-day research process.  Close collaboration with the CMMC und CECAD offers optimal basis for translational projects.

We are particularly interested in Investigator Initiated Trials with a focus on projects involving dietary interventions as a novel preventive strategy as well as translational research projects and registries.

We conducted the first controlled and randomized clinical trials of calorie reduction as a preventive measure of acute renal failure in patients and also studied the influence of depleting sulfur-containing amino acids on acute kidney injury.

The AD(H)PKD Registry which is managed within the Clinical Research Center, is one the largest prospectively characterized clinical cohorts of patients with ADPKD and strives to serve as a platform for translational co-operations, enabling novel imaging techniques and artificial intelligence approaches, extensive biosampling and retransfer from bedside to bench.

The newly established ForMe Registry for patients with FSGS and minimal change disease also aims to serve as a comprehensive repository of well-annotated patient data comprising longitudinal clinical data as well as biomaterial. 


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