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Univ.-Prof. Dr. M. Cristina Polidori


Dr. Anna Maria Meyer


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Cristina Polidori

Translational and Clinical Aging Research

Aging is a complex biopsychosocial process, physiologically occurring with increasing chronological age but varying intra- and interindividually depending on bio(psychosocio)logical  age. Our goals are 1. addressing multifactoriality and disentangling complexity beyond single pathophysiological mechanisms and irrespective of chronological age; 2. unveiling multiple factors critical to impeding frailty, maintaining robustness and enhancing quality of life; 3. Investigating real life- to translational aspects of multidimensional frailty, intrinsic capacity, person-centered medicine and biological ageing. We use the comprehensive assessment-based Multidimensional Prognostic Index (MPI) for:

  • futility-free stratification with advancing ageing for shared decision making and tailored interventions
  • evaluation of multidimensional frailty and life trajectories
  • identification of frailty phenotypes and syndromes clusters
  • revealing the predominant prognostic function of multidimensional frailty including biomolecular age-related changes over chronological age and multimorbidity for life trajectories
  • characterization of nutritional, metabolic and laboratory profiles associated with presence and degree of frailty
  • characterization of metabolic and laboratory profiles associated with development of renal diseases and kidney-brain-heart syndromes
  • identification of micronutrient and oxidative distress patterns associated to age-related diseases
  • identification of micronutrient patterns associated to cognitive frailty

disclosing biomolecular to person-centered paths associated with robustness and intrinsic capacity.


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